Yujiao Chen

Dec 2008

This class is terribly, terribly designed. Why do the labs not coincide with lecture? Why do we do 3 optics labs when we haven't done optics yet? You have no choice as a premed (well, I guess you could take 1493 lab, but this much easier so I wouldn't recommend it), so sorry. Most of the TAs can't speak English (like Chen... who by the way only grades numbers and graphs and basically ignores the conclusion and anything else with words, which is a mixed blessing) and thus you often are left struggling to figure out why your numbers don't work and then making up numbers that work mathematically. (Chen is oblivious, so you don't actually have to perform the lab half the time, just hand something in) Or they arbitrarily take points off and will not budge, do to language barrier or other reasons (don't even bother arguing with Chen, she won't budge) You will learn nothing and come out frustrated. WHY IS THIS ONE CREDIT FOR A THREE HOUR CLASS?