Daniel Beunza

Dec 2008

First off, I think that I should say I am a senior who has rarely written a review, so the mere fact I am writing this underscores my thoughts to Beunza. I'm an economics major and expected this class to actually help me- it didn't, at all. The class itself was a joke and a complete WASTE OF TIME! Lecture was spent talking about a case in painstaking detail and lookign back, going to class was not needed at all for the final. There is no midterm, and assignment aren't even graded. I did not receive any physical letter grades and the marks that I did receive were so unclear that I have no idea what I will receive in the class. Take this class if you want easy credits, but be prepared to be extrememly bored and talked down to by a control freak of a professor. There was even one lecture when he called out a student for "not paying attention" and proceeded to yell at him in front of the entire section of over 50 students. This professor is as unprofessional as they come and it is a shame that Columbia employs people like him. I want a refund.