Ivana Medos

Dec 2008

"Please dont ask any questions when I'm teaching". Wow. That was my reaction along with the 15 odd students that were enrolled in Calc III over the summer. I had a very unfavorable experience in her class. The average on the first exam was a 45. Not surprisingly a few people decided to preserve their grade point average and dropped out which left a few of us to endure the pain. Ive never known a professor or teacher thru college and high school who didnt like it when her students asked questions and specifically asked them not to ask any. As for the truly brave and curious. Well, their courage and curiousity kept chipping away as the semester went on. Oh and she didnt care much to explain the concepts or theories after class during office hours either. I was appalled by her lack of interest in her class. Please steer clear of her of you dont want to feel small and\or cheated!