Amelia Rose Grossi

Jan 2010

I found Amelia to be very helpful, as the other reviewer writes. She knew my name, remembered things we had discussed, and was very flexible in meeting with students. She was willing to answer e-mails full of questions with detailed responses, even if it was late and the night before the assignment was due. Attending office hours with her or with Ben is absolutely necessary to do well in the class, as Professor Timberlake’s lectures are terrible. That said, her competence cannot completely make up for the class’s terrible lectures and confusing material. Though I am grateful for all of her help, I certainly would not call the course “enjoyable”.

Dec 2008

She is the BEST TA I've ever had at Columbia. She is so incredibly educated and obviously loves linguistics, and originally she was just a "grader" but upgraded to main TA because the other one (Katya) had no clue what she was doing. Amelia worked so hard and was the perfect complement to Alan's slightly scatterbrained way of teaching. She graded all of the homework and knew each subject like the back of her hand. She would follow up on smaller conversations about linguistics every time, and was always available to meet or discuss different things outside of class. Somehow she knew everyone's names (I don't know how) and she also really obviously cared about whether or not people understood the material. She actually took it upon herself to hold two extra sessions post-class because so many people showed up for her office hours, and she spent hours just explaining material that we did not understand in a way so that we could grasp it and use it. Amelia saved my interest in this subject because I want to grow up and be as cool as she is one day. I honestly wouldn't have survived this class (or at least would not have enjoyed it so much) without Amelia and am truly grateful that she was my TA.