Davidson Norris

Jul 2013

Davidson Norris brings many years of relevant professional experience as an architect to teaching this subject. The course concentrates on daylighting, passive solar heating and passive cooling and covers these and a wide variety of other sustainability issues that an architect or manager might face in making decisions about the design of a building. Norris is quite well organized having taught this and similar classes previously. He posted all of the class’s lecture notes online as well as all the (sometimes to be revised) assignments at the beginning of the semester. The TA (Anna Lauren Oursler) was nice, responsive and helpful. If a class on this subject interests you then I highly recommend it. For SUMA students; this is a great class to take after you have taken SUMA K4135 (Analysis for Energy Efficiency) as the material in this class is a great compliment to the material in K4135 (which is also highly recommended). If you’re choosing between this class and K4135 then I recommend K4135 because it probably has more everyday relevance for most SUMA students. Do note that this course does not assume that one has the knowledge taught in K4135 as a prerequisite (in my opinion it is helpful but it is definitely not required or expected by the professor).