Elizabeth Perkins

May 2020

She was a good art hum professor. Rumor has it that her workload is higher compared to other Art Hum professors (but as I have never had any art hum professors, I do not know the validity of this). She is incredibly knowledgeable in her field. Definitely left the class with the type of insight into Western Art that is promised from Columbia. Great class. Unless you personally know of anyone better, Dr.Perkins is a great get. Only complaint is that it's an 8:40 which no amount of coffee could help. Doable workload. My advice would be, "Don't be afraid to try adventurous analysis with the art." She seemed to gravitate towards analyses that seemed different than what she had heard before. This doesn't mean to come up with something out of left field but be bold in the analysis (and be able to back it up).

May 2016

Elizabeth Perkins is a great professor who does an excellent job of presenting concepts clearly. Perkins also utilizes multimedia, such as videos or documentaries, to supplement lectures and make them more interesting and relatable. Even though I'm not super interested in art, her enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject was contagious and even got me to start looking more closely at art. She is also very nice! Definitely recommend her for Art Hum.

Apr 2011

Thanks to Elizabeth and her excellent teaching of this course, I feel a lot more solid about concentrating in Art History. The discussion that she promotes while we go over the various works on the Art Hum syllabus helped me to better understand and evaluate art. She also knows a lot about the different artists and works that we study, so she does her best to make the material interesting to even the most skeptical, but like the reviewer above said, it can get boring sometimes. If she's doesn't know the answer to a question that a student asks, she's not afraid to say that she doesn't know. She'll even take the time to find the answer and post it online on the class wiki. She also posts other helpful and interesting links for us, in case we want to know more about whatever we're studying. If you need her help understanding some aspect of the material, she's willing to meet with you to discuss whatever issues you're having. She even offers to read drafts of our essays and provide feedback, which is especially helpful if you're having difficulty with what to say. Elizabeth is an excellent professor and I really enjoyed her class. Definitely try to get into her section if you can!

May 2010

Elizabeth is excellent. She is a wonderful woman and really made Art Hum a good experience for me. Granted lectures can get boring at times, and she knows it, but she tried with all her might to keep everyone interested and involved (it helps that she is a very beautiful woman). Towards the end of the semester she had our class play Art Hum Jeopardy. She is also very thorough. Her weekly assignment postings are full of useful links and information. She likes to make you draw sketches of everything, Grant's Tomb, St. John The Divine, etc...There are three essays, for each of which she gives a very clear idea of the assignment and what she is looking for. Her exams and grading are both very fair. The trips to the met were a lot of fun. She is very knowledgeable about all different aspects of art and is certainly the best Met tour guide I have ever had. She also brought us cupcakes on the last day of class! Above all she just really wants her students to appreciate art for what it is, and if you can learn to do that you will truly enjoy this class.