Seungjung Kim

May 2011

SJ is truly an awesome teacher!! She is such a great presenter of information because she loves what she teaches and it shows. She is very open to opinions on art because this is obviously a survey course, but she also teaches us about aesthetics, formal analysis, and relating past artists to current artists, which is extremely useful. Her personality really fits the class, because if we had a boring teacher, people would not be as inclined to learn. Her spunkiness and intelligence is a great combination. I highly recommend SJ.

Feb 2011

SeungJung is incredible! Her upbeat attitude, relatable humor, and obvious passion for art made my Art Hum class so much fun. The best part of the class were the field trips, hands down. We went to the Met (twice), the Frick, toured Trinity Church and the historic architecture of the financial district, and--THE BEST--watched Impressionist art being auctioned off at Sotheby's auction house. The field trips, most of which were optional, got practically our entire class out of bed on Friday mornings--an impressive feat. At one of them (I think the downtown one) SeungJung even bought us lunch. The class itself was also great. SeungJung usually taught by putting slides up on a projector, giving us some background information, and then allowing her students to talk about the art. She isn't shy about interjecting when it's needed or helpful, but it doesn't feel like a lecture at all. SeungJung's Art Hum also brought the kids in the class closer than any other class I've had yet at Columbia. I think it was a mix of the field trips and how laid back the whole atmosphere was, but at the end we basically all were in love with each other. That's a class dynamic I like!! Take Art Hum with SeungJung (omg almost rhymes). You will love herrrr...and the class!! Seriously just DO IT.