Jessica Maratsos

May 2012

Jessica was really cool! I think what's best about her is that she really understands the purpose of this class and does a great job at adapting the material to our subpar level of understanding of art while still keeping it interesting. I also loved her dry sense of humour which made classes go by really quickly. She's very willing to talk to you outside of class if there is anything that you are interested in and want more information on. If you get her as an instructor you should definitely stay in her section. She uploads all her lecture slides online, but they only consist of the images themselves so you should take notes of what you think is important, but since the class is more about gaining a sense of how to evaluate the properties of artworks and compare them to each other than about details, it's usually fine if you just pay attention.

May 2010

Jessica was an awesome Art Hum instructor. She was fairly laid-back, and acknowledged that most of the students in the class weren't going to be studying art history in the future. She treated the course accordingly. Many students walked into the class with absolutely no interest in the subject, and Jessica managed to make it somewhat interesting for all of us. She has a sarcastic sense of humor that makes an otherwise somewhat (but necessarily) rudimentary curriculum enjoyable. She was also highly open to questions, and responded to e-mail promptly. She even threw us a mini-party at the end of the course for which she baked us cookies! Overall, I'd highly recommend her as an instructor if you're looking for a laid-back, informal, but informative learning atmosphere. Note: I recommend googling her and then teasing her about whatever's out there; this was a running joke throughout the course.