Ron Guido

Jan 2021

WOW... in all my time at Columbia I finally found it... the EASIEST A of all time. I won't get into the details but if you need or want an easy A just take this class. If you happen to get an A-, i'd reevaluate if Columbia is the right school for you (just kidding, but kinda serious.) Class is SUPER-LIGHT and definitely very chill. I don't know how else to convey that you NEED to take this class.

Apr 2018

Ron is a legend. If Ron were a wine, he would be a Domaine de la Romanee-Conti. What more do you want?

Dec 2014

Echoing the review below, Ron's course is a breeze. He's sincerely dedicated to his powerpoints and providing as much information (from history to present day) on the pharma industry and its relationship with the FDA. Everything is quite accessible albeit tedious and repetitive. But he does that for a reason, catering to everyone from masters students, pre-professionals who've interned in biotech/pharma, and pre-med undergrads taking the class for shits and gigs. If you speak to him, you'll quickly realize he's a sweet and seasoned man. Ron's been in the industry for years, working for the likes of Pfizer and other pharma companies. I imagine he would write a stellar recommendation for those who put in some time getting to know him. On the downside, Ron could put everyone and anyone to sleep. Unless you pay attention to paying attention, you're at risk of falling asleep or browsing the internet far into its nether regions. A number of students didn't come to class until the final class/final assessment. They probably didn't get anything out of the class but still did well. I would especially recommend this course if you're seeking a high level, easy A class that meets ONCE A WEEK; but do go to lecture, and if not for yourself, for Ron. You'll learn a thing or two (like me)!

Jan 2010

Ron is an extremely nice guy but the class was boring. It was only two hours a week but it was literally 2 straight hours of boring powerpoint slides about drug development and regulation. He tries to be funny and it is really endearing but there really isn't any way to make the material engaging. The class was also basically all biotech grad students and some phD students. With that being said, Ron does know the material really well and is well versed on the ins and outs of the pharmaceutical industry. He also is really friendly and is happy to talk to any student. It's easy to do well in this class but you should be ready to be bored for two hours.