X. Edward Guo

Jan 2019

People really don't write CULPA reviews anymore from BME.. Too bad because of the course structure changes in recent years. He is sometimes the course organizer for BME 1 for the new BME curriculum (2015+). Teaches mechanics chapter to us, which is a third of the class. Helen Lu and Qi Wang taught the other 2/3 (biomaterials and bioinstrumentation). This probably changes from year to year, but it's about the same. Starts off with basic physics, which gets harder by the end of the module. He posts a convoluted reading, which is not necessary to do. Teaches via chalk board but often makes mistakes and then makes a hand-wavey explanation. Rude in office hours - use the TA instead, although she gave off the same sort of indifferent, arrogant air (Teo Dinescu). Average grade was 70-80 for the midterm, which we're given a cheat sheet for. Exam was not too hard, but one of the questions he did not have a clear diagram for, which screwed a good # over. Attempted to make a remediation on the board to no avail. Had to ask the TA repeatedly during the exam to understand the problem. Did not care about it during the grading process. I did average on this exam, but ended up getting an A in the end. The other sections are marginally better.

May 2010

Guo is a very nice and a very understanding teacher, and he loves to give the students life and career advice, as well as recount stories of his own life. However, this seems to be all he likes to do. His teaching style is dodgy at best, and you will have an extremely difficult time following along in lecture (this is not helped by the 2.5 hour long class time, though he does let you out early pretty often). Unless you are very comfortable with mechanics, and are familiar with a good bit of continuum mechanics, this class will be a morass of confusing notations, unclear notes, and frustrating study periods. Many a time we would sit down to study as a group, look around, and realize none of us had any idea what to do. It's not a good class by any means, and I have learned very little from it.