Andreas Hielscher

Mar 2010

This is a great class to see some real applications of the math and biology you've covered so far. It is an overview of many different imaging modalities (e.g. xray, CT, PET, MRI, and ultrasound), and the computational algorithms used to calculate some of them, as well as some image enhancement techniques. There is a lot of MATLAB involved, so if you're good at CS then DEFINITELY take this as an elective. The math is not difficult (nowhere near the MRI class), so don't worry about that. There will likely be many grad students in the class, but undergrads get a boost, so the averages work out the same. There is no curve, but grading is fairly generous so that grades will be distributed around a B/B+. Prof. Hielscher is also a very nice guy, and very helpful. He splits his time between his uptown office and his campus lab, so at times he could be difficult to reach in person. Classes are held in the BME computer lab, and will be 2/3 lectures, and 1/3 "lab" classes where you do some exercises that will help with the homework. There is a small group component involving different methods of CT reconstruction, specifically the backprojection algorithms. He will reward any extra time you put into the project, so definitely polish your presentation and feel free to explore and experiment with whatever code you end up writing.