Scott Banta

Nov 2019

This class is hard mostly because of how Banta teaches. He uses powerpoints to skate through material instead of writing it out at a reasonable pace. I'd rather not do as many problems in class but actually understand any one of them. Highly recommend he switch to writing on the blackboard or an ipad. Or at least ensuring his equations are well-formatted on the presentation. The final project could have been more structured so we actually learned, instead of just fumbled around. I felt like it required knowing way more subjects than what we've learned; if he'd restricted the questions he asked us to consider to only those relevant to the class, it would have been more meaningful. Coordinating teaching style with Chris would also be a plus... Chris's teaching didn't help me much. His reviews were to broad, the 12-step process worksheets were again skated over so I never had a complete one, and the worksheet format never felt helpful. Maybe this has improved from his first year.