Suqing Liu

Nov 2020

I cannot describe how much I hated the general chemistry lab with Grace Lee (Suqing Liu is the overall chemistry lab director). It was the worst part of my week. I have taken quite a few science labs at Barnard and Columbia, and none were as stressful and unenjoyable as Gen Chem (even in the virtual format). At the time of this review, it is Fall 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lab takes 3-4 hours online with minimal breaks and is overall an extremely stressful experience every week. The lab reports are nearly impossible to write and the grading is extremely inconsistent. Grace Lee once told us that if we ask about our grades, she WILL find a way to lower them and add more mistakes. She also told us not to email her with any questions. At the midpoint of the semester, the director of the General Chemistry Lab, Dr. Suqing Liu sent students a feedback form. After receiving the student's feedback, we were assured that the lab would be made better. However, no changes were made, and if anything the labs have become even harder, and the professor less accommodating. A good lab reinforces and builds upon concepts taught in the lecture component of the class. However, I would come out of the lab even more confused and angry. I do not feel like an empowered scientist, instead, I am scared to ask questions in class and fear the day when lab grade and comments come out. Beyond the atmosphere cultivated in class, Grace Lee explains the concepts in a very confusing manner and does not address student's questions well. I would not recommend Professor Lee's lab section to anyone. If you are stuck in it for scheduling reasons, good luck.