Gautam Dasgupta

Jan 2018

The class this semester was pretty small, less than 10 students, and literally not one single person in the class was able to follow his "teaching." Everyone was too intimidated to ask him questions in class, and no one had any idea what he was saying--I'm not talking about his accent or his ability to speak English, which were fine, standard for an engineering professor--I'm talking about his ability to convey basic principles either by diagram, on the whiteboard, or verbally. This ability I would rate a 0/10. He is unable to comprehend the intent of questions, and thus is unable to answer them--in sum, he is not a teacher. He CANNOT TEACH. He should not be employed as a professor, but there it is. There's no point in taking his courses. His choice of textbook is also several decades behind the times. He's a sexist b@Stard as well. Class was mostly guys, so it didn't matter too much, but something to bear in mind if you're a girl. Don't take his class--buy a textbook with solution manual and teach yourself the subject. You will learn much more this way.

Jan 2011

I took Fluid Mechanics with him in Fall 2010. If you want a professor that will hold your hand and walk you through the material, Dasgupta is not it! As the last reviewer said, you will have to teach yourself all of the material. If you have any questions, don't ask him, go straight to Wikipedia. While the TA tries to make life easier, (s)he will point you back to Wikipedia as well. Do yourself a favor and cut out the middle man. He is nice one-on-one but in class, he can be confrontational and rude. I remember an instance when someone tried to ask a question in class and he shouted that they should have gotten said information from the book. Needless to say, we kept questions to a minimum. He gives tons of handouts and the homework is difficult to understand if you actually try to learn it. Tip: The homework consists of reworking the examples with different numbers but very little of the homework appears on the exam. Memorize the derivations and don't worry about understanding the homework problem. Memorize the equations and the steps for deriving them. No formula sheet on exams. Your notes will look like crap when you leave class so compare them with no fewer than two classmates. Let's just say that you learn more from the lab section than him.

Nov 2010

Professor Dasgupta's power of communication is not the strongest. He speaks English, which is sometimes hard to find in science/engineering classes. However, when you ask a question in class, which he does encourage, he probably will misunderstand you. Be prepared to take full charge of your education in his class. He really likes derivations and does not adhere to the book. His homework is reworking examples in the book different data. His assignments do not prepare you for the midterm. There is a lab every other week, straight forward and in a group of six.