Nicola Chiara

Apr 2009

Civil engineering majors: this class isn't a choice, so whether Professor Chiara is teaching it or not will not affect whether you take this class or not. If you're looking to take a civil class for fun, I recommend steering clear of this class because for some reason it's held on monday and friday. This class will bore you out of your mind, except for the not-so-infrequent times that Chiara makes grammatical errors ("I will back" for "I will be back"), spelling mistakes ("fenomenon" for phenomenon") or when his accent is so heavy that you think you're hearing wrong (you probably are). A lot of the material he teaches is literally straight out of the book- you will find his lecture slides with pictures from the book pretty much in order that is was in the book. That said, however, he is a nice, well-intentioned person (he put together the book from sections of three separate books and gave us a discount) and he takes you on a good field trip. But really, he is so hard to understand most of the time that I would avoid any of his other classes. If he has any.