William Hart

Dec 2014

I don't know if this course is better taught (if you can even say something like that) with professor Ibrahim Odeh or other instructor, but if you are planning on adding this class and Mr. Hart is the instructor, be advised that the money you are paying for Columbia is not going to be well spent. You won't learn anything new from this class, and even worse, you won't even have a CLASS. Basically this course invites a different speaker every week to speak about a specific topic related to his or her field like foundations, leases, general contractors, tunnels or even about works from a company like Skanska. These speakers most of the time will take your precious time with boring things that you may learn directly from the book (and you will have to do so because of HW). I don't know how is with other professors, but I suppose it is all the same. What is even worse is the way the midterm and the Final are conducted. Basically, both tests are 100 multiple choice tests where around 40 to 50 tests are EXACTLY THE SAME as the ones you will have already done for homework (as explained in workload) and sometimes he changes just one word or change the choices order. The other 40 to 50 questions will be STUPID questions related to SPECIFIC NON USEFUL information that the speaker SAID during his presentation. For an example: "How did Mr. XXX call the divers who worked with him in the project YYY?" A) Plumbers B) Artists C) Clowns D) Carpenters E) None of the above You seriously think that this is a GRADUATE LEVEL COURSE from one of the best universities in the WORLD?????? Think twice. I rest my case.