Nicolas Biais

Jan 2009

Sadly one of my favorite classes last semester was FoS and that was partly due to my boring schedule and partly to Nicolas. He's a brilliant, fun, insightful, and lively teacher who does try to make an already woeful class as painless as possible. You get used to his slight accent after awhile. He explains all the material over in class, which is very good as review because you do forget all the material in the lectures even if you were paying attention just because the method of lecturing is horrendous. He grades the WIAs and the midterm/final fairly, although nothing is rly curved. Go to the Frontiers helproom if you find yourself struggling because it does help a lot and the WIAs are worth 40% of your grade, a big booster if you do well on all of them. For science majors, in fact anyone with frontiers lectures: Although you will hit yourself over the head when you are lectured by Pollack on baby genetics that you learned freshman yr of high school in a confusing manner using bad analogies (which is apparently to help the nonscience majors who don't get it anyway just because he's that bad at explaining) It WILL get better after Helfand comes onto the scene and you do actually learn something in the end. On that note, frontiers of science still has major kinks that need to be worked out.