German G Creamer

Aug 2012

AI with Creamer is completely useless. I will admit that he tries very hard to teach the material and he is a genuinely nice person, but that will not dismiss the poor teaching and unfortunate organization of the course. The homework assignments are theory based out of the textbook, which is supposed to be the bible of artificial intelligence. That part is fine - besides for the part that the HW is pretty useless also. The redeeming quality of this course was the final project - this is a matter of how much work you want to put into it: time in = amount learned. The examinations are also fairly worthless. I am sure that this course is easier than Pasik's course. If you have any desire to learn anything, suck it up and take it with someone who is worthwhile.

Jun 2009

Prof. Creamer is a mediocre professor, and that may be a compliment. His exposition of the material was shallow, and uninspiring. Prof. Creamer didn’t explain the programming material clearly, nor did he explain the financial engineering concepts. It was difficult to follow his explanations. In his defense, this was the first time the course was being offered. Also, there were approximately 70 students in the class, with varying levels of knowledge of financial engineering and programming concepts. Teaching a course catering to such varied abilities is undoubtedly difficult. I would not suggest this Professor to any of friends (or enemies).

May 2009

His accent is a little hard to understand and also explaining over the concepts he goes into more of small things which makes it more frustrating. Overall I would suggest everybody to avoid courses being taught by him.