Ramana Isukapalli

Apr 2019

Literally one of the worst teachers I've ever had. When he had to leave the class for three weeks in the middle due to a personal emergency and the TAs took over, it was a welcome relief. Terrible lecturing and barely comprehensible classes. The TAs saved this class from being insufferable.

Apr 2010

These one credit classes are great for learning new languages, but the professors are not the best. Ramana refers to all the basic websites for learning, such as w3schools and another one he found by googleing. The class has a participation grade after the day when 1 out of the 10 students showed up. The final project was to do jezzball game, which was poorly graded imho. His lectures are pretty lengthy, but thankfully youre in a computer lab, so you can just surf the web or do the homeworks during class. He is an interesting guy when you talk to him, but not very willing to give back points or assignments.