Felix Koch

Jan 2010

Felix is awesome. hes a philosophy PhD student who has been in grad school for like 10 years and it shows - he knows the material cold and doesn't bullshit around. his lecturing is a tad monotonous and he says everything in a rather slow, round about way, but he gets the job done well. At first he is a tad intimidating because he isnt super enthusiastic about your comments and stares at you when you're done talking, but dont worry, i learned he doesn't do it to be condescending, thats just the way he is. when you actually talk to him, hes very encouraging and positive about your ideas. He is utterly unconcerned with making you feel smart and comfortable, but in a sort of refreshing way... hes not mean, he just knows when you're BSing and doesn't indulge you. if you get him for CC, you're lucky.