Chisa Hidaka

Jun 2015

WARNING: THIS CLASS IS NOT AN EASY "A" If you're looking for a fun, easy-going, basic anatomy class. THIS IS NOT THE CLASS FOR YOU. I initially took this class expecting it to be fairly basic in terms of the anatomy and more of a dance-focused, movement-based class. I simply needed a less intense class to take for the semester to balance out my harder classes. The amount of knowledge that Prof. Hidaka expects you to memorize and learn for the semester is rather intense. I Pass/Failed the class, thank goodness, but I felt bad for the students who didn't think to do the same. Now, if you're interested in studying physical therapy or sports medicine, I would recommend this class. You are expected to know the insertion and origin of a plethora of muscles and to spell things correctly from memory during exams (as well as a lot of other things like bones, tendons, joints, etc.) The day-to-day class structure is pretty calm and can be relaxing and sometimes fun, but if you don't keep up with the readings and memorizing a little bit each day, studying for the exams will be KILLER and TORTUOUS. Each class is usually 1/3 or 1/2 lecture and the rest of class is doing some sort of movement. There are even some days where you'll be doing some kind of "movement class" and simply following along with an instructor. Those days are nice, very relaxing. *Note: There's usually a lot of partner exercises where you have to "feel" another person's muscles or joints, so if you're not comfortable being touched or touching other people's arms/legs/hands/feet, then steer clear of this class. This class is pretty easy to pass if you Pass/Fail it and do all of the weekly writing assignments, extra credit assignments, and make a good grade on the group project. Prof. Hidaka is very chill and easy-going, and the TA, Molly, is sweet. Just be wary of the intense exams.