Ah-Hyung Park

May 2014

This was a frustrating class. Each week, you'll have either a guest lecture, or a lecture from Professor Park. The class has five homework assignments, a midterm, a non-cumulative final, and a group project. The workload is fairly light and the grading quite lenient, but that said, if it weren't required, I would have bailed. The material is interesting, but there's very little you couldn't have found out by reading Wikipedia. Most lectures are given by guest speakers, so they often overlap in their introductions, or in their actual content. (How many times can I learn the water cycle in one class? About four.) In addition, Professor Park introduces the speakers, and then peaces out to go do something more important than educate undergrads. As a result, there really isn't any common thread to link the lectures together aside from THE ENVIRONMENT. The project as well was frustrating. It's extremely vague and my group had to change our project four times before Professor Park was satisfied with the topic, let alone the content. This process was slowed down by the fact that she is impossible to meet with. She's often busy during her office hours and if you do get to sit down with her, there's a strong chance she'll answer a phone call and then have to leave before you're halfway done. Upsides: you really don't have to attend class. Grading is lenient. Topics are somewhat interesting. Downsides: too few fucks given on all sides for this to be a good learning experience.