Meredith Nettles

May 2021

Fantastic class, I had so much fun even though I am not an EESC major. I learned a ton but the work wasn't very stressful or too much to handle. Nettles is so passionate about the material and cares deeply about her students. I would recommend this class and professor to anyone at Columbia.

Jul 2012

Solid Earth Dynamics was the best class I've taken at Columbia. Meredith is not only a smart and engaging lecturer, she also really cares about her students and constantly asks for feedback. We covered heat flow, gravity, isostasy, seismology, geomagnetism, and glaciers. The textbook is good but I found Meredith's lectures that she posts online are so concise and thorough that I didn't read the textbook much after the first couple units. Really an amazing class, challenging and rewarding.