Ronald L Miller

Apr 2021

This class was horribly run, disorganized, and poor in quality. While Professor Miller is certainly a very nice person and decent lecturer, unfortunately I did not feel we were given sufficient practice nor guidance leading up to a much different exam. Avoid it! Our midterm had a HIGH of 90% almost which is unheard of for an economics class with a 60% average almost

May 2018


Apr 2018

If you’re taking this class as a nonmajor looking to learn a little bit of econ, fulfill requirements, go ahead. Ronald Miller is a pretty good lecturer, but he doesn’t deviate from the textbook too much. You can not go to class (which many people did, seeing as it’s an 8:40) and self study and still learn everything from the class. We didn’t really cover macro in my class, but we got a good foundation of micro. If you’re looking for the ~experience~ and if you’re willing to put in effort, I’d recommend Gulati. I was satisfied with this class as my one and only econ class at Columbia, but I’m sure if I wanted to further my study of econ, I would’ve wanted to take Gulati.

Aug 2017

Don't do it. You'll be succumbed to rambling lecture with homework you'll have to try to mine the book in order to understand, and then be blindsided by tests which are way beyond what's been discussed in class. I got a good grade (so you know I'm not salty) but I would have waited until the spring cycle if I'd known what I was getting myself into. Miller is a good guy but inept as a teacher.