Beom Lee

Feb 2021

Professor Beom is by far the kindest Professor I have met at Columbia. I took Second-Year Korean with him and truly learned a lot. Instead of just teaching by the book, he definitely goes above and beyond to make sure that we are learning the language while understanding the cultural aspects of it (he shows us movie clips, game shows, songs etc) He doesn't rush through grammar points and spends a considerable amount of time on in-class practice. Instead of assigning a chapter worth of workbook homework after 2 weeks, he likes to split the homework into smaller daily ones which are easier to do and help with revision.At times, if we are confused about a grammar point, he'd even pause the class and go back and explain everything again. Even for vocabulary memorization, he utilizes pictures and quotes to help us really crystallize what we're reading. This is extremely important in language learning. If you need an easy class for your language requirement, Beom is the guy for you but if you, like me, are really interested in learning Korean and need a professor who truly cares about you acquiring the necessary language skills, I will unhesitatingly vouch for Prof Beom. Best class I have taken here!! Almost everyone in the class got an A. If you are not slacking off and are paying attention, it's really easy to get a good grade in this class.