Wendy Schor-Haim

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Dec 2020

The Art of the Essay. I found this class by chance, and I am so glad I did. I learned about personal narrative writing, but more importantly, I learned a lot about myself. Professor Schor-Haim is an amazing teacher. She is authentic, her class is authentic, and so I was obliged to be authentic. The class experience was especially enjoyable because I shared it with an amazingly talented group of students. I believe everyone got something out of our discussions. I was also lucky to get help from a skillful TA. I wish every student attending Columbia would know about this class, and this review is an effort towards that goal. Good luck everyone.

Jun 2020

Prof. Schor-Haim is an AMAZING professor and definitely deserves her silver nugget on here! She's very warm to her students and is always willing to give you an extension or meet with you outside of class if you just ask her. She's also head of first year writing, which definitely showed in how well she ran this class. Prof. Schor-Haim has a special way of introducing her students to academia in a way that's accessible and welcoming. She introduced us to a variety of different ways to write, gave us documents with tips and guidance to help us as we write our papers, and she supported us the whole way through the process with in-class peer workshops and allowing two drafts of each paper. She gave us elaborate feedback and clearly stated her suggestions so that I always knew what I should change in the next draft. She's very easy to contact if you do have any questions, though: she answers her emails usually within a few hours (sometimes within the hour!). If you're lucky to get a good registration time, be sure to take your FYS/FYW with her! She's a truly wonderful woman who will make your whole semester more enjoyable. She's an amazing introduction to Barnard. I was always excited to attend Prof. Schor-Haim's class. She's the best!

Apr 2020

I loved Prof. Schor Haim! She really cares about all of her students. She's head of the first year writing program, and its definitely clear in how she treats her students. She introduces her students to academia in an accessible way, but she also has high expectations. The course material is very engaging; you'll be excited to do the readings and discuss them with the class. (You also get to see Wicked!) The course really improved my analytical skills, and writing skills. If you're lucky enough to have an early registration time, definitely try and get into this class!

Dec 2017

Professor Schor-Haim is a brilliant and compassionate woman, who truly cares about her students and wants them to thrive in and out of the classroom. She is incredibly helpful during office hours and genuinely wants to help you. Sometimes she was flaky about scheduling things and gave us a few (very small) assignments at the last minute but she was totally understanding if you couldn't get an assignment done. Also, classes really only focused on that day's material so bigger items on the syllabus could sneak up on you. Just pay attention. Her compassion made her a wonderful professor to have during my first semester because I felt very overwhelmed by the high school to college transition anyway, but her kindness helped a lot. She also designed this curriculum herself and is really passionate and knowledgeable about the historical contexts as well as the texts themselves. This class talked a lot about gender roles and harmful stereotypes about women (spoiler alert: witches aren't real. Men accused ambitious and sexual women of being witches because they felt threatened) which is what I was really into. The texts ranged from ancient Sumer culture all the way through western fairy tales and modern feminist theory. We also got to see Wicked, with Barnard paying for our tickets. This was one of my favorite classes!! Take it. You won't regret it.

Dec 2017

Professor Schor-Haim is the best Professor/teacher/instructor that I have ever had. Although I am not an English/literature person, this class was by far the most enjoyable this semester. Let me start off by saying that Professor Schor-Haim is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable in her field. She is an expert at medieval literature and this really enhanced her class and teaching style. However, she is not arrogant and doesn't impose her ideas on any of her students or make anyone feel uncomfortable about speaking in class. She is very approachable and her feedback on the essay drafts is clear and direct. I always left my meetings with her knowing exactly what I needed to do to succeed. The class itself was super enjoyable and I looked forward to going twice a week. The readings were sometimes long but very interesting so I wasn't bothered by it. I also felt like Professor Schor-Haim was a very fair grader and genuinely a very wonderful and understanding person. If you can, try to take at least one class with Professor Schor-Haim! She will drastically improve your writing skills (even though this wasn't an "English" class) and your ability to make educated and significant claims about texts. I LOVE HER!!!!!!

Dec 2017

Professor Schor-Haim is an amazing professor who is passionate about the information she teaches. This class is a thought-provoking course that helps you understand the sexist society that we live in. She is very helpful and understanding and gives thorough feedback on her essays. Amazing professor and course, would definitely recommend.

Sep 2013

I took Legacy of the Mediterranean for First Year English and I really loved Wendy. She has such an upbeat and happy vibe every class. Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching is great. She is very friendly and approachable and is always willing to help students. We read Euripides, The Bacchae, Hymn to Demeter, the Odyssey, Dante's Inferno, The Canterbury Tales, The Book of Margery Kempe, and a few short readings here and there. Even though I found some of the reading challenging once we went over it in class I understood it much better. I also really liked that the class size was small, it was about 14-15 students. So far Wendy has been my favorite professor at Barnard and I know other girls in my class really loved her too. I thought her comments and meetings were so helpful and I feel like after this class my writing improved. I definitely recommend taking a class with her! :)

Mar 2010

I don't understand the previous review of Prof. Schor-Haim. I have taken two courses with Prof. Schor Haim and they have been the best classes I have taken at Barnard. My writing has improved immensely in the past year and it has been because of her true desire to help her students. She has a real passion for literature which is evident during class. She is very accessible and truly cares about each of her students. Although this course was difficult, in the end it was definitely worth it. The assignments require you to really think and analyze the texts. We had reading assignments every night and had to write a couple of pages on each night's reading. In the end though, these writing assignments were great because when the time came to write our papers, we already had written ideas with Prof. Schor Haim's comments, which made coming up with a topic for a paper a much easier process. Class was more of a discussion where everyone shared their opinions on the text and she gave us information about the time period of a text and other facts that would make the text easier to understand. I highly recommend this class to any freshman who wants to improve her writing while having professor who truly cares about her students.

Dec 2009

My roommate and I were in Prof. Schor-Haim's class last year and it was one of the worst experiences either of us has had at Barnard (and, from what I inferred from the other students, this was the general consensus). Prof. Schor-Haim is not qualified to teach English literature and it showed. She has degrees in Medieval History from NYU and consequently her level of knowledge about literature from the seventeenth century to the present was less than you would expect from a Barnard professor. On one memorable occasion, she taught us about the Rationalist philosophers from the Wikipedia entry on Rationalism. She also definitely held several classes on a work that she had not finished reading (if there were two days devoted to it on the syllabus), and sometimes assigned us supplemental readings she had not herself read, including the worst piece of criticism I have ever read from our edition of Frankenstein. (It turned out to be about Kenneth Branagh's movie version, as it happens.) Her ability to lead a discussion was also lacking. We spent most of our class time reading long passages out of the books for no real reason. I did not feel that class in any way enhanced my understanding of the works of literature. Her approach to essay writing was equally dismal. She treated us as though we were freshmen in high school, not in college, and allowed us very little intellectual freedom, sometimes punishing students for not writing about what she personally found interesting. The syllabus for FYE: Legacy of the Mediterranean is not great, and the class is not structured well, but a good professor would have been able to take the less-than-ideal syllabus and make something worthwhile out of it. Prof. Schor-Haim failed miserably at this task. As my roommate just put it: it was literally the worst.

Nov 2009

I can honestly say that this class was one of the few that I enjoyed this year. The class size was very small and the professor was so eager to help her students. She did give a lot of mini assignments but they were all to help you prepare for the final essays. We read books like the hymn to demeter, The book of Margery Kempe, Inferno, and the Bacchae. She is a tough grader but fair. She is so interested in what she teaches you can tell she is very passionate. The topic itself wasn't all that interesting all the time but she helps you analyze it to understand it better.

Nov 2009

Essay Writing is a wonderful class and Professor Schor-Haim makes it even better. She is willing to speak with all of her students and really wants them to succeed. I recommend this class to any student interested in learning how to organize their thoughts and create the best essay possible. The focus is on short essays written by essayists such as Susan Sontag, Annie Dillard, and Langston Hughes. The first essay is an interpretational assignment (giving your interpretation of an essayist's argument). The next two are more personal. Professor Schor-Haim is open to all types of writers and will help you as much as you need. Classes are extremely relaxed. One word to describe this class: enjoyable.