Anjuli Kolb

Apr 2012

Anjuli's sheer brilliance and enthusiasm for the course material made each two-hour seminar engaging and enjoyable. Her method of teaching/class structure was refreshingly organic- classes never felt forced or too calculated. A typical class would begin with 5-10 minutes of free-writing on a particular passage of the text, followed by a discussion of the passage. Anjuli would build off of our discussion, by posing insightful questions here and there. Despite her obvious brilliance and clear intelligence, Anjuli never took on a condescending tone, as many professors at this institution tend to do...instead she was unfailingly encouraging, and was always somehow able to insightfully build off of every thought. Anjuli is a fair grader, and it is clear from her comments that she takes ample time and consideration when assessing papers and exams. Anjuli is easily the best professor I've had thus far, and I'm quite sure this will remain true through my next three years here at CU.