Ronald Briggs

Jul 2020

Briggs has high expectations for his students but brings his all to the classroom, and he is very accessible during office hours to provide clarification and advice. The class is focused on grammar and mastery of the Spanish language, but the key is to have a genuine curiosity for the texts and to be open to revision (and there will be a lot of it). For each assignment, including compositions, presentations, and final essays annotating the text, some independent research and office hours usually result in a good grade. Not to mention people are generally pretty chill and friendly in these classes, undoubtedly fun to take with a friend and to satisfy a global core requirement.

Apr 2020

Ronald is not a bad guy, per se. His class, grading standards, and what he wanted from an individual was just unclear. He was nice enough in office hours but even after meeting with him, fully rewriting essays, I would end up with the same grade as he projected. Def picked favorites but was not cruel/rude to his non-favorites. The class is more a complit/english class in examining texts than a spanish culture class, which was frustrating.

Aug 2015

Professor Briggs' W3350 class was not easy for me. I struggled with Spanish in nearly all areas - writing, reading, speaking, listening, cultural understanding, etc., but go to his office hours, and he'll be pretty helpful in regards to how you should fix up your essays (which are probably the most important part of the class grade). He's a good guy, but he's not wary of asking questions that are difficult to answer immediately, and he's not afraid to tell you straight-up that you're not thinking far enough for your essays. Be prepared to work hard, and you should be fine.

Apr 2014

He truly cares about his students. He spends time in class making sure everybody understands assignments and what he expects. The readings he chooses are all interesting, but it is possible to get away with not doing some of the readings. He provides thoughtful comments on essays that really helped me improve as a writer. Keep in mind that he expects 2 drafts of every essay and grades BOTH of them. Your total grade for that essay will be the average of the 1st and 2nd drafts. I would definitely recommend his first-year seminar class.