Alexandra Perisic

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2014

As a non-French major who just wanted to have a way to keep up my French, this class was exactly what I wanted. Every week we had a new topic (e.g. cuisine, art, film) and we basically just came into class and had discussions about those topics. If you put a decent amount of effort into your oral presentations (*and made sure all of your vocab and grammar were correct), getting a good grade was easy enough. Participation in this class does count for a good portion of the grade (it is a conversation class, after all), so making sure to participate in the discussions every class is a good thing to do. Alexandra is a really great professor. She made sure to correct us on our grammar and pronunciation—and especially on our “anglicisms”—and was always helpful in class when we were lost for words and didn’t know how to say things in French. She also took the time to make up a bunch of helpful grammar practice sheets for us when she thought we needed a brush-up with specific grammar concepts, which was great because it made the class really tailored to our needs. Her grading was always fair, and her feedback on our presentations was great and really helpful.

Dec 2010

Alexandra is a joy to have as a teacher. She will explain things as many times as it takes for the class to understand. She is fun but knowledgable and a native speaker who can provide amusing insights to french culture and language as it is in practice, not just in the classroom. She grades assignments quickly and obviously has a passion to teach. She is by far the best 1201 teacher I have heard of. (Even a professor in the French department noted that she is good.) I had her class on a Friday afternoon but going was nonetheless enjoyable. There are reviews the class before every test. Alexandra uses worksheets, bookwork, powerpoints, and various French songs to teach class: she makes an effort to keep the class fresh and exciting, not mundane and bland like langauge classes can sometimes be. Highly recommend!

Apr 2009

Alexandra was a great teacher, always in a good humor and laughing. She uses the class period efficiently and clearly explains the course material, which is extremely useful when learning and distinguishing between different verb tenses. I learned a lot more than I expected to during these past two semesters in Elementary French I and II with her (yes, I liked her teaching style that much). She's a fair grader, gives plenty of useful feedback, and is always available to help with any last minute questions and concerns.