Sarah Lazur

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Sep 2020

I was fortunate enough to sign up for Professor Lazur when I was a freshman, and it was honestly one of the best decisions I made in college. She's really sweet, and works hard to make a welcoming classroom environment. It's super easy to get embarrassed with class participation when learning a foreign language by pronouncing words wrong, etc. but she honestly just wants you to enjoy learning French. The only issue I had with her is that she takes FOREVER to grade -- I even had to take a test before getting the one I had taken previously back. Other than that, she's extremely kind and easy to talk to if you're having a hard time with the material (or anything else)!

Jun 2020

I had Sarah Lazur for French for my entire first year. Overall, she's a pretty chill teacher who's really warm and kind to her students. She really doesn't like technology in the classroom, so she won't let you type your notes and explicitly states at the beginning of the semester that she will confiscate your phone if she sees that you have it out (this never happened in either of the semesters that I had her). She has weekly office hours that she will encourage you to go to. I only went a few times, and she wasn't super helpful with my questions. She usually would just give me additional exercise worksheets for whatever problem I had. I ended up just getting a peer tutor to help me. One of the times I did go to her office hours, though, I expressed interest in a French minor and in attending grad school, but admitted that I know little about it as a first gen college student. She helped me learn more about the classes I would need to take to get a French minor and recommended when I should take each course. She also stayed late (as in the janitor opened her office thinking it would be empty, but we were still there. HOURS late!) to talk to me about different grad school programs, give me advice about picking a program, grad-PhD programs, etc. which meant a lot to me, and I don't think I'll forget how helpful she was for a long time. She did all of this out of the kindness of her heart, and completely willingly too. She told me that she was also a first-gen college student herself, and told me about some specific programs on campus that cater to first gen students. Overall, I'm really glad I had her as a teacher. Workload was pretty light, she always came to class with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement to teach us, and genuinely cared about us as her students.

Jun 2017

Sarah Lazur is a gem. She is passionate, helpful and hilarious. She also has the coolest life story. Would highly recommend

May 2017

Sarah gives you a chance to correct your test after grading, so you can get half of the points deducted. So getting an 80/100 will still give you a 90 after all. Also if you correct your composition, your can bump one grade up (ex. B+ to a A-). Follow the requirements, and you can get 90+ overall in this class. Just be sure to memorize the vocabs, get used to it throughout the week in class and at home. Grammar generally comes to you if you focus in class and take good notes. The new text book is pretty expensive, but you can use it for both French I and II.

Apr 2010

J'ADORE Sarah. She obviously has a lot of fun teaching, and that is infectious, even when she's teaching a class full of half asleep/sometimes hungover students at 9 am. She's bubbly and charming and obviously cares both about the French language and her students. Plus she's super nice and very understanding. She'll give you an extra credit opportunity near the end of the semester which will help if you've slacked off on attendance or something. As a grad student she's obviously working within the boundaries set by the French department, but she does her best to make what is for quite a few students just something to fill the language requirement an entertaining and worthwhile experience.

Jan 2009

Sarah Lazur is a really nice person and a lot of fun. She was always prepared for class and brought in videos and music that were contemporary. I learned a lot during a relatively short period of time. She also hosted "Crepefest" for our class on a Friday evening. The homework assignments are what you can expect for a language class. I would definitely take one of her courses again.

Dec 2008

Such a fun professor. I loved her. She makes learning French fun. Expect to learn by watching music videos and expect emails with stuff to watch for fun (like a french version of the Simpson's "Spider Pig" and music videos from Yelle). She is a normal grader and truly wants to see her students succeed.