Patrick Walsh

Apr 2010

Patrick made Intro German interesting and enjoyable enough that I actually was happy to go every morning (even if I wasn't always on time, wann meinen wecker kaput war). While not a native speaker he is an absolutely raging Germanophile, who will spout anecdotes about the history of the language or the country at the drop of a hat. Luckily, these are usually at least mildly relevant and used to illustrate a particular grammatical point. He is particularly good at making strange German grammatical constructions easy to understand, even though he will speak at most a word or two of English in any explanation. He calls on people rather aggressively in class but is not overbearing when you make mistakes, and is happy to help just about all the time. If nothing else, you will remember the points he makes by his (occasionally eccentric) use of easily understood explanation, pantomime, and critique of John F. Kennedy's poor grammar. If I had the choice, I would absolutely take his class again for Intro II.