Yasmine Ergas

Mar 2014

I have to say that I find her to be a very interesting person. And outside of class she's great, but I could not handle her teaching style. I truly wish I had waited a semester and taken it with someone else. She's super rambely and unstructured. I rarely felt like the readings mattered to lecture, and she asked for a lot of reading sometimes (this was super weird, some weeks it was 40 pages, others 180, wth?). It wasn't a terrible class, and I did fine, which is sad, considering I felt i could've gotten so much more out it had I had a mores structured and logical approach to the course.

Dec 2011

The class was pretty laid back. Professor Ergas' lectures felt unstructured at times but I enjoyed the examination of the complex process of creating international law. Some complained that she was too abstract but I think her approach made me more capable of analyzing new scenarios as they arise rather than just understanding individual cases. I feel much stronger reading, thinking about, and discussing IHRL and Human Rights in general now that I've taken this class.