Allan Malz

May 2017

This review is based on Applied Financial Risk Management Course under IEOR department taken by Prof. Allan Malz. In plain words, he is the worst teacher I have come across in the whole IEOR department. His teaching style is very boring. He keeps stuttering words but doesnt explain the basics at all. He just cant explain things. Though I would give it to him that he is quite knowledgeable. But its of no use if one cant express himself. The worst part is the grading system. In this course, he had kept weightages as 70% assignments and 30% exams(15%+15%- mid+ final). This looks and sounds like very relaxing to many students because exam weightage is low. However, there is a big catch here. Assignments and exams are very easy, so, class mean ends to being very high with very low standard deviation. And then he grades on curve. So, even if you get 90+ score(out of 100), you might end up getting B- grade or so!!! Yes, this sounds ridiculous but its true. In assignments, marks get cut on silly calculation mistakes only. Because conceptually, whatever he gives is so easy that no one could make mistake. In assignments, everyone collaborates, so there is no way to differentiate good students and poor students because assignments are 70%. This might be a great course for people who are not so smart but can be sure not to make any silly errors in the assignment (coz its 70% weight). However, for smart people this is a bad course because you wont be challenged enough to learn more and your marks would be cut because you made some small counting error which affects the final VaR(risk managment concept) value in the 2nd decimal place. In general, I would say that stay away from every course of this professor. Giving B grades for marks above 90+/100 is INSANITY. He could very well have given a tough paper to differentiate between good and poor students such that mean is lower with high standard deviation - but seems like he doesnt understand this concept. I sincerely wish that the professor reads this review so that he can improve himself.