Gerald Martone

Dec 2011

This is an easy class. Gerry's an extremely likable guy. However, classes consisted of him just reading trivia off a page (he literally brings sheets of paper to class and reads off trivia) and didn't exactly deliver what was promised in the syllabus. We never got to hear from other "experienced practitioners" , and I always left the class feeling like I learned information that I could just have gotten off the Internet. It's a good class to take if you'd like to interact with Gerry (who, as I said, is really quite a remarkable person and who's very well known in the humanitarian action field). However, if you actually want to learn something, I'd recommend spending your tuition on an equivalent course at the School of Public Health instead: POPF P8683 Psychosocial and Mental Health Issues in Forced Migration. It helped raise my GPA though, so for that I'm grateful :)