Claire Ullman

Feb 2018

She is very engaging and knowledgeable. I found her to be an incredibly harsh grader, and really doesn't consider others' learning styles. Essentially, if you don't like constant participation in class, don't take this class. I really enjoyed this class/content but felt as if she wasn't open to the idea that not everyone feels comfortable in this setting.

Dec 2017

If you are a political science major, take this class!! Professor Ullman is engaging, and the reading material is so interesting. Classes are seminar style and discussion based.

Dec 2017

Professor Ullman is one of the best professors I've had at Columbia or Barnard. She cares tremendously about her students and provides meticulous feedback on all of your work. The content of this class is fairly wide ranging -- we discussed workforce participation, political representation, participation and ideology, and public policy issues around paid family leave and childcare. This is a discussion based course. Professor Ullman does a good job of encouraging discussion while providing space for the conversation to move in whatever direction the class is most interested. I would highly recommend!

Dec 2016

Prof. Ullman is so unbelievably smart! The class is very reading heavy, and focuses on class discussions about the reading. It's super interesting, and really great if you want a more thorough background on gender inequality in politics, as well as in labor markets and relationships. The class focuses on theory AND data/studies, so you feel really knowledgable (and prepped for any fight about political inequality). It's a heavy workload, but necessary for the class because most of class is discussion. I would recommend this class to anyone who's looking for a more substantial understanding of how gender is treated internationally, wants to have numbers & studies to them up in an argument (make your sexist fam scared of you because you are so informed!!!), or is interested in the way gender is treated in politics.

Nov 2014

Dear Culpa: Where is this woman's golden nugget?!? But seriously - Professor Ullman's colloquium - Everything from the way the syllabus is crafted, to her thoughtful comments on papers, to the way she leads discussion - Shows that she cares deeply for her students, and that she truly understands them. I didn't just learn in her class. I grew as a person, as a writer and a critical thinker. She is funny, engaging and knows how to lead a discussion. She goes above and beyond other professors to help you succeed in her class. This is the kind of class that you will look forward to each week and will kind of weirdly dread ending at the end of the semester despite the promise of holiday cheer that awaits you when the semester ends. She is the rare and perfect confluence of brilliant scholar and brilliant teacher. If you have the chance to take anything she teaches, I cannot recommend that you do so enough.

Apr 2013

An extremely interesting class for those interested in gender studies, however, the workload is not necessarily what you might be looking for in a first year seminar. Professor Ullman is clearly quite knowledgable on the topic and is good at keeping discussions going, she is interested and engaging -- however, the success of her discussions evidently depend on how much the class has read or understood the reading. Definitely a class worth taking if you are interested in the subject and willing to do the reading for it -- you will get out of it as much as you put in it, but keep in mind that participation is 15% of the grade, so it will be difficult to get the A you want if you don't plan to read and participate. Professor Ullman also gives weekly quizzes on the reading, often on the same day that papers are due (there is reading due simultaneously with your essays). Essentially, a good first-year seminar if you are interested in the topic and want to put in the time -- if you are looking for an easier A, or just an easier first-year seminar experience, I suggest looking elsewhere.