Suman Mallipattana

Jan 2010

Excellent professor! She is very sweet and genuinely interested in each student's welfare; the small number of students in the class allows her to really get to know you personally and your strengths and weaknesses as a student, which she accommodates in class. She has a background in French so her familiarity with linguistic intricacies and grammar makes her explanations, typically, clear. When they aren't, feel free to ask her to re-explain - she'll try until you understand. The class is structured around concise introductions of that day's grammar and vocabulary followed by a significant number of practice exercises which typically mean, if you focus in class, you will learn most of the material pretty thoroughly without having to put in a lot of outside work. When you aren't doing grammar exercises, you will most likely be having a very tangential conversation about some element of Indian culture or piece of history or watching YouTube clips of famous Bollywood songs.

Dec 2009

Suman ji is incredibly nice and brightened my morning each day. She tries to make Hindi fun with songs from Bollywood movies and food, and I have to say she succeeds in that regard. She wasn't the best at explaining the intricacies of grammar, but she was absolutely a capable teacher and she's really good at making sure everyone in the class is catching on to things. She makes it very easy to review for quizzes, which covered vocabulary, grammar, translation, etc. I don't know about the rest of the options out there, but I say Suman is a good pick.