Emily Wilbourne

Jan 2009

Emily is taking her PHD at Columbia, and only teaches one music hum class. While she is familiar with most of the material we cover in the music hum syllabus, she is honest in letting us know that there are certain genres of music that she is unfamiliar with, so guest speakers are invited quite frequently. Emily makes music hum as laid back as possible - she summarizes most of the readings for us each class, so you don't necessarily have to be on track with the reading assignments. The midterm was fairly simple and straightforward, and is only worth 20% of your grade. She did grade the midterm harshly, but only to keep you on your toes so you don't slack off for the second half of the semester. For the overall grade, her grading was quite generous. Compared to other music hum classes, Emily doesn't require you to learn stuff that is irrelevant to what you get out of your music hum experience. For example, she doesn't require students with no musical background to learn scales and piano chords, all we needed to know were some very basic terms. She also doesn't require you to be able to distinguish among musicians (as other classes do), she only requires you to be able to distinguish among eras of music. Overall, an easy and fulfilling experience.