Michael Shaw

Jan 2012

Michael is great. He's fun. Class is a breeze. Plays a lot of modern music, and he makes connections from the more antiquated material to the more familiar facets of culture. He makes sure he doesn't go over anything really unnecessary in class. Best class of my time here. He deserves a nugget, but since this is the first review... Super easy midterm (he literally gave us all the questions and answers), Super hard final, though it didn't affect my grade much from what I could tell. 1.5-2 page paper within the first week of the semester (super easy). Beginning of the semester he said we'd be doing two concert reports (5-7pp) or one combined/comparative one (10pp). He made a deal with us close to the end of the semester and we got away with doing one short (5-7pp) concert report!!! Nightly reading, which isn't so much required.