Zachary Arthur Richard

Dec 2010

I took the 8:00AM Cardio class with Zack. Let me tell you, that was hard to wake up for. By the time the calendar hit December, I had already burned through all of my absences. However, I would take this class again if Zack was 'teaching' it. He is BEYOND lenient. Besides the already generous 6 absences allotted for a PE class, he allows us to come to another cardio section or come during his 'office hours' to make-up an absence (a pe instructor has office hours?). Class consists of hoping on one of the machines and doing whatever you want while Zack reads a book. Most people leave after half an hour, no one ever stays the entire class time. When the end of the semester approached, I was really burned out but I realized that I used all my absences already. I swear, I would have failed if I had any other instructor. The 2nd to last class, I really needed to work on something else, so I signed in with Zack and then I walked out through the other side. I'm not sure if he saw me or not, but I felt guilty none the less. That class when I signed in he told me as long as I showed up for the last class I would be fine. The last class I was so burned out from writing my term paper that I didn't wake up til 8:30. I ran straight over to Dodge and Zack told me I was fine and that I passed. LIES. Who knows what he's doing with those attendance check marks when no one's looking...