Kara Pham

Nov 2019

This class was incredibly interesting! Professor Pham made the material super straightforward and engaging. Her first exam was a bit difficult, but, as you get used to her style of testing, it gets way easier, though you definitely do have to spend a good amount of studying the material. As long as you pay attention to her lectures, which isn't difficult as the topics are interesting, and take good notes, you'll do fine! This class, however, for non-neuroscience/science majors may be harder, as it does focus a lot on neurological mechanisms. I am a psychology major and found it very doable.

May 2019

Terrible class! It was sold to me as a class specifically looking at the different theories behind addiction, as well as exploring addictions that weren't drug related. Instead, it was a neuroscience class on drugs with some unclear lectures on addiction to non-drugs. Prof. Pham was incredibly boring, and didn't seem to know answers to basic questions. Her tests are really hard, and she provides a "study guide" that's just a list of topics we covered- so USELESS. This class is just a worse version of Prof. McCaskill's class "Drug Use and Abuse." I suggest the psychology department just drop this class.

Dec 2018

This course is one of the most interesting courses I've ever taken as a psychology major. If you don't like things bio or neuro, do NOT take this course. But, this course is nothing but interesting and you leave the course feeling like you know so much more about all things reproduction, environmental, weight gain, nutrition, pregnancy and women's estrous cycles, etc. It's a wonderful course. It's a full on lecture with some openings for discussion. You have to write down everything Professor Pham says, it's a marathon to keep up but it is a wonderful course.

Nov 2018

Kara Pham is AMAZING! This was the best class I have ever taken in college and I highly highly recommend it! It made me switch to be a psych major. Everything you learn is so applicable in real life, and I remember so much of the information from this class a year later because it is so relevant. I put in probably 4 hours a week into studying for this class, but it is well worth it and I got a good grade. Pham is very clear and dynamic when lecturing, and brings in funny anecdotes to make it more accessible. We learned so much about rat sexual behavior that I feel like a specialist! But tons of things about humans: did you know you can explain basically everything based on one hormone or another? Take this class!!

May 2018

I cannot speak more highly of Professor Pham and Hormones and Behavior. I have learned more in this course that my entire time in college and it's all because of Professor Pham. First, all the materials from the exam are from the lectures. You do not even need to buy the textbook because you will not use it all semester. I bought the textbook because I thought I would need it, and I did not open it all semester and did well in the class. This being said, you HAVE to go to lecture because otherwise you will be lost for the exams. The slides she posts are not enough to do well on the exams; you need her lecture material for the slides to make sense. Second, Professor Pham is a great lecturer. There were not many moments in the class when I was not fully engaged. She always finds little anecdotes and stories to go along with difficult concepts to help us understand and always takes the time to answer questions. Lastly, the course material is so interesting! It really applies to our everyday lives and I find myself thinking about the class even now that I'm done with it! Everyone should take this class!

Apr 2017

If you don't have previous lab experience, you probably can't get a solid A; she's a pretty tough grader. It's a great lab to take P/D/F if you're interested in the subject matter and can handle a bit of blood and guts. The lab practical is intense, so be prepared!

May 2012

The hormones class provided a good overview - Shit is ALL memorization - There are no hard concepts, it is literally memorizing every single thing that comes out of her mouth (Don't even buy the book, you don't even need to look at it, although she will tell you that tests cover the book also - They absolutely do not) - You're up against Barnard girls who memorize shit for a living, and there's barely a curve, so average ends up being around a B - Take it P/F if you're interested in learning about the endocrine system, and if your not, don't bother taking the class because while it is easy material, it is tough to do really well in the class without putting in a good 7-10 hours before a test to memorize all the shit she has ever said. That being said, she does present the material in a format that is quite conducive to consumption, so I'll give her that - She just tests on minor little facts that you either have memorized or haven't

Sep 2009

I really loved this class. This class was my first psych class beyond intro and Professor Pham made it so easy to understand. She is great at breaking down complicated processes and topics and really makes sure everyone gets it. She is also very nice and approachable. I didn't really like the book, which was much more technical than the lectures. Also, the tests directly reflected lectures rather than the textbook. She also sends the grade distribution for each test to everyone in the class. I would definitely recommend taking a class with Professor Pham, especially if you are nervous about more bio-related psych classes.

May 2009

Prof Pham is a good lecturer. She has powerpoints that she uploads on a regular basis, test review sheets and her tests can be challenging but she never aims to trick me. Pham does a good job not overcomplicating endocrinology and presents these things in a pretty straightforward manner- she's always available outside of class, email,etc, and on another note, she's pretty adorable. She'll talk about her sister and her kids a lot and it's definitely a refreshing class to take in the morning. The one complaint i have about her is that she answers too many questions during class. Bad thing? Yes, as half of these questions were just straight up stupid "Q: Can 14 year olds get pregnant? her answer: Yes Q: But....why??". There are also people who stand up, put their bare feet on their desks, sprawl on the floor, readjust the sports tape on their legs loudly god knows what. Although i'm sure the class was just filled with a bunch of interesting characters this semester...and I had the unfortunate chance of taking it with them...i wished Prof Pham said once in a while 'Ask me after class' or 'Put some shoes on'