Rosemary McGunnigle

May 2020

This class was honestly so cool and eye-opening to the world of human rights. As a sociology major, I had never really read much about human rights, but if you don't have a general comprehension of it by the end of this class, you did something wrong. The class goes over almost every area of human rights with the guide of a book that has the same name as the class. The professor is so kind and understanding, and she's a really good speaker and asks really good questions! She's an actual gem and is willing to help you with whatever you need!! Take this class if you're willing to put in the work because it is heavy on discussion since it's a seminar, so doing the readings is a must. The class also only meets once a week so the reading kind of feels like a lot, but if you spread it out through the week it's not that bad. She also plays music during class sometimes and assigns music videos and documentaries as part of the "readings". Overall such a wholesome class where you actually feel you've learned something valuable, take it!!