Georgios Fellouris

Aug 2009

Perfect class. George (we called him by his first name) is hilarious, kind, clear, and a generous grader. You don't have to have any math sense to get an A in this course. He has office hours each week in which he will go over with you the answer to every problem assigned. The work is standard for Intro to Stats--no surprises, just the essentials presented in an easy-to-understand manner. TAKE THIS COURSE for your math requirement. There were review sessions for the midterm and final.

May 2009

I had George for Intro to Stat at the SSW. He is overall a really fair professor - lenient grader, willing to clarify any point he makes, etc. I would recommend taking a class with him for the fact that he makes the info easily accessible, has a good sense of humor, and works with you the whole time.