Timothy Cross

Feb 2011

Timothy Cross is a genuinely nice guy. He is very understanding if there is ever an issue the comes up in class and he is extremely receptive to questions. The subject matter is also pretty interesting. The class is sort of a cultural history of technological advances over the last couple of hundred years. I think that both engineers and non-engineers will find this class interesting because of its interdisciplinary nature. After the midterm, we were never tested on the readings, so naturally I stopped doing them (without consequence). Also, the class can be a little heavy on movie clips. If you have a problem falling asleep during movies in dark classrooms, this class might not be for you. The final project was a bit confusing because the goals were not very clearly defined. That being said, the subject matter was interesting and I didn't really mind writing the final paper too much. Also, you must be able to work well in teams. Also, Professor Cross is very slow at returning work. I have no idea how I did on any of the assignments besides the midterm because they were never handed back.