Joseph Fasano

Dec 2018

Professor Fasano is an incredible professor. You can tell that he is so deeply passionate about what he teaches, and that fact gets everyone in the class deeply passionate about it too. He can quote thousands of poems at the drop of a hat, and he's read pretty much everything. The work you read in his classes will be varied, spanning centuries, forms, traditions, and continents - you will be sure to read something that will move you. He has thoughtful and open-minded insights about everything you will read, and he is always ready to hear an alternative interpretation of a poem. Despite being extremely knowledgeable, he never makes students feel that they have to conform to his reading of a piece or technique. Most importantly in a creative writing professor, he makes time for his students, even going so far as to read and give feedback on work that is written outside of class. If you have the chance to take a class with him, jump on it - you will walk out at the end of the semester with a deeper and more profound understanding of poetry than you walked in with.