Heidi S Julavits

Nov 2012

Heidi Julavits is brilliant. She's always sharing the most interesting stories or commenting on the day's events, and when she does, you don't want her to stop talking. She really cares about each person in the class and always takes the time to ask how they're doing. She's also very generous with the time outside of class she spends helping and critiquing the students' work. If you do the work and genuinely care about writing, she will make you a better writer without doubt. Needless to say, she's also a very talented writer herself. Getting into a class with her should be considered a steel. The only problem I had with the class was that the students were doing most of the talking, as it was a fiction workshop, but even there, her critiques taught me a lot about writing. I was lucky enough to get a really smart and interested group of students, so that also helped.