Rachel Sherman

Feb 2014

DO NOT TAKE A CLASS FROM RACHEL SHERMAN. I can't believe she is teaching at Columbia again. She was incredibly impatient when explaining her thoughts and would snap at students if they asked her a question about what she meant. She gives terrible, rushed critiques. One of my friends received a critique on her final submission that was no more than three sentences. She clearly picks favorites. She also makes enemies out of some students and is then super passive aggressive with them. She canceled classes multiple times with very short notice and rescheduled them for reading week, but was also somehow super serious about attendance. She is kind of racist too. Seriously.

Sep 2009

I thought Rachel was really cool. She keeps it real, doesn't let people get away with stuff. She's understanding but doesn't take bull from anyone. She's funny. She doesn't push opinions or ideas on you, and she's understanding when in the end, you decide to do your own thing with your story. She makes sure everyone gets their say. The class was a lot of fun. I'd recommend it to anyone.