Bella Grigoryan

Dec 2009

When I first saw that I had a grad student from the Slavic Languages department, I was a bit concerned about my Lit Hum section. But Bella ended up being one of the best teachers I had during my first year at Columbia. She is very smart, able to spark good discussions, always had interesting things to say, and was very helpful. In the first week, she held mandatory one-on-one meetings so that she could get to know all her students. This showed how much she cared about us. I especially enjoyed the fact that she would never tell us the answer she posed but rather let us discuss while giving us guiding questions until we reach the answer on our own. I loved our discussions on Crime and Punishment. Her being from the Slavic Language department, she obviously knew a lot on the work. She was a fair grader - she always gave lots of comments on papers and how we could improve for the next one. Overall Bella made Lit Hum enjoyable and I know that many people from my Lit Hum class including myself miss having her as a teacher.