Natalia Mendoza

Mar 2009

Natalia was pretty awesome. She knows a lot about anthropology and always willing to share. Great TA for a great class.

Jan 2009

An intriguing professor...I LOVED this class. Mamdani is very passionate about each topic, but what makes it even more enjoyable is the fact that he would go on tangents about who he had met in the past, or his next trip (which would sometimes cause him to miss class). As a result of taking his class, I can say I am definitely more interested in politics and maybe anthropology (-->Africa) ;) While I never went to his office hours...I don't even think he had them, I definitely enjoyed the five second chat that I had with him on the last day of class. To add to this, I had a great TA, Natalia Mendoza...if she is there next semester, try and get into her section!! She has a lot to say, and I definitely left each recitation with new "food for thought." I never thought that an anthro class could be so interesting. I highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone! Also, some of the movies that they show outside of class are worth seeing.