Susan Fine

Jan 2013

If you're interested in how cities are built, you should take this class! It covers the nitty-gritty of everything from funding to zoning to government approval. Professor Fine is great at provoking good discussion and asking tough questions that really make you think, and she doesn't hesitate to call people out on bs. She's also a pretty important person in New York real estate—she was in charge of the Grand Central Station renovation and a number of other projects. Her real-world experience shows through in the class. There are a number of guest speakers (some great, others boring) and field trips, and a couple in-class games. I found the readings interesting for the most part—a lot of them give the background of specific developments in NYC and around the country. Besides weekly reading responses, you also have to do a 15-page paper and powerpoint presentation on a specific development project. Professor Fine has an annoying habit of interrupting people a lot during their presentations, which makes them drag on and on. But overall, I highly recommend this class! I'm really glad I took it.