Abdul Nanji

Dec 2011

Mwalimu is an East African Dumbledore, honest to Mungu. Mystical, wise, brilliant, and with a longass beard and dreads to the floor, this man is an incredible teacher. We blasted through grammar in the first month, moved on to reading articles and short stories, and occasionally wrote short essays. We barely touched our book, instead kickin' it East African style and going with the flow each class (so if you need structure, beware). Classes like this make you love this place for even offering Swahili in the first place, much less with such awesome pedagogues. (Seriously, he is the most accessible man in the world. We can call his cell phone any time we have questions or just meet during his office hours if you want to chat.) Sign up for Swahili right this second or risk being the lamest person in the history of lame.